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Why field analysis is essential in the adoption of LEAN tools

Published on 17/11/2021

Use of andons on production lines

At EDITAG, we are looking to add functionality to our IoT sensors in a truly intuitive way. The idea is to digitize operational gestures without disrupting the mission of the operator who performs this gesture.

Lately, we have thus integrated the “Andon” functionality in our mOOnTAG so that the operator can trigger alarms directly on the mOOnTAG with which he is already working.

In his column Gemba Coach, Michael BallĂ© however raises the real problem: “why the operators do not use the andons?”

Even by creating the most ergonomic digital LEAN tool possible, if there is a basic refusal to use, the process will not be accepted, even less adopted by the teams.

The andon is a real asset for the quality service, but like all LEAN tools, it is set up to serve the operator, the field missions in the first place.

Michael Ballé explains that it is necessary to have a perfect knowledge of the process concerned for adoption by the teams and therefore an adequate use of the andons. Indeed, an Andon system positioned in the wrong place in the chain or even fuzzy instructions for use are detrimental to its use.
It is imperative to have a total visibility of the ground and a perfect understanding by the operators to set up in effective andons.

A well-known mastered process with a digital and ergonomic Andon system? A “Lean.Connected.” dream come true with mOOnTAG!

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