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RTLS: tracking & localization

Locate resources and industrial flows in real time to increase productivity.

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Definition of RTLS – Real Time Location System

Real-time tracking systems, also known as real-time tracking systems, are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or processes in real time inside a building.

How it works

The item to be tracked is equipped with a mOOnTAG. The area is signposted. At each step of a process or in real time, location information is sent to the information system.

LEAN objective!

The EDITAG Industries IoT RTLS solution is intuitive. It requires no operator training and eliminates paper and mobile devices.

90% of research time saved

ROI <3 months

-25% on the initial investment

The EDITAG offer

The EDITAG Industries RTLS offer is made up of 3 bricks to connect with your installed tools.

The mOOnTAG RTLS IoT sensor, consisting of two parts, mOOnTAG ID + mOOnTAG SENSOR, is suitable for monitoring industrial assets and processes in manufacturing, maintenance and supply chain environments.

  • Long range two-way wireless data transmission (EDITAG or LoRawan protocol).
  • Precise indoor location thanks to the UWB.
  • Short range geofencing for presence detection.
  • High contrast graphical display screen to show lot information, operator instructions, etc.
  • Programmable function buttons to instantly collect information from the field.
  • Optional shock / motion detection and temperature sensor.
  • Battery up to 3 years> 1 year in 3/8 use, 24 hours a day.

mOOnTAG exchange data related to events and field operations in real time using long-range radio technologies.

Our IoT sensors can operate on a proprietary and public / private LoRAWAN network.

The mZONE and mLOC location beacons and anchors allow you to locate resources and process progress in real time.

mLOC indoor location: from 50 cm to 3m mZONE indoor location: short range: from 50 cm to 4m long range: from 1m to 30m

With the EDITAG Industries RTLS application, information can dynamically be displayed on the mOOnTAG themselves (priority, next step, batch, storage information, etc.).

Our LOKEOS software controller is the interface between mOOnTAG and your existing business software. Thus the data reported by the mOOnTAG are automatically translated into business transactions in your systems.

LOKEOS has powerful modular functions:

  • supervision
  • visualization
  • Chrono application, counter
  • interfaces with software (MES, ERP, WMS, IoT platform, OT: REST API, MQTT, OPC-UA (2021) …) and third-party system (AGV / AGC, RFID readers …).

The E-KANBAN option


mOOnTAG makes it possible to digitize and automate the replenishment process.

A simple click of the mOOnTAG or a simple push of a button to:

  • Automate replenishment requests.
  • Optimize collection and distribution rounds (milk-run).
  • Reduce stocks.
  • Provide a vision of the replenishment process in real time.
  • Remove the paper.

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