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Protect works of art

Secure works of art and valuables everywhere, 24 hours a day.

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Reduce expenses, improve team efficiency and safety by simplifying operations.

The IoT at the service of works of art and cultural professionals

Innovative systems active 7 days a week to preserve cultural heritage.

Protect works against theft and vandalism, 24 hours a day, even in the presence of the public.

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Nomads Electronic Protection solutions for works of art to adapt to temporary exhibitions. Easy to install and reconfigurable system.

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IoT sensors designed specifically for display case protection with the possibility of connecting other types of sensors such as door opening or glass breakage detectors.

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The reserves house most of the works in a museum. The IoT sensors are compatible with gantry solutions located at the entrances and exits of reserves to fight against theft.

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Discover the wireless IoT solution for the identification, traceability and security of works of art, whether they are stored, transported or displayed.

The EDITAG Arts solution is notably composed of the first IoT sensor specially designed for works of art: the mOOnTAG.

It ensures:

  • RFID inventory;
  • Supervision of storage conditions;
  • 24Hx7 security;
  • Monitoring of transport and loans;
  • Real-time management of the Works of art digital emergency evacuation plan (digital PSBC).

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Monitor conservation conditions

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Inventory and collect the works of art

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Secure fine jewelry

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