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Electronic Protection for works of art

Protect works of art and valuables against theft & vandalism, 24/7, thanks to a range of suitable IoT sensors.

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Our all-in-one IoT offer: identification, security, conservation

We have created an all-in-one solution to meet all the needs of a cultural establishment in storage areas, for exhibits, during transportation and loans.

How it works?

To complete classic security systems, there is a range of IoT sensors designed for works of art.

They detect shocks, movements, vibrations, crossings, proximity, variations in temperature and humidity. Active 24 hours a day, in case of anomaly, they send an alert.

Works of art and valuables are protected from attempted theft, vandalism and unsafe storage conditions.

Contactless identification

Identifies works of art without contact with RFID technology.


24×7 Security

Secures works of art with shocks detection sensors.


Supervises conditions during transport and loan.


Preserves the collections with temperature and humidity sensors.


Up to 3 years of battery life depending of use.

IoT Sensors for Electronic Protection for works of art

The mOOnTAG ensures:

  • RFID inventory,
  • Supervision of storage conditions,
  • 24Hx7 security,
  • Monitoring of transport and loans.
  • Real-time management of the cultural property safeguard plan (digital PSBC).

The mOOnTAG Smart BUZZER is the very first level of protection for the works on display.

Thanks to its adjustment buttons and internal buzzer, it can operate autonomously or be integrated into an architecture with remote alarm propagation.

Specially designed for the electronic Protection of display cases, the mOOnTAG-V can be hidden in technical compartments.

You can also connect other detectors such as window openings or breakage to it.

IoT Approach Detection Sensors

EDITAG Arts is made up of IoT sensors designed to create a distance between visitors and the works of art to be protected. These sensors can simply ring locally when the protection perimeter is crossed, they can also send an alert in parallel to a supervision system.


The m1D detector is dedicated to the protection of metallic objects.

For optimal approach detection, it should be installed under the object to be protected. Completely invisible, it allows the visitor to see the work up close while ensuring high level security.

The m2D is an intelligent curtain for the protection of works and areas.

It is particularly well suited to the protection of large-format or monumental works, tapestries, to the protection of areas / rooms by detecting crossings.

For the protection of works on 360 °: the m3D detector is designed for the protection of 3-dimensional objects, to allow visitors to admire them from all sides while ensuring high-level anti-theft, anti-vandal security.

The latest innovation in the EDITAG Arts range, the m4D detector can provide linear protection as well as curved protection!

You can also define several protection zones with different alert levels.

Other IoT sensors for cultural establishments

Listening to users, we have supplemented the EDITAG Arts range with other types of IoT sensors to meet the varied needs of cultural establishments.

The m3D PC sensor is placed vertically above the visitors’ crossing point. The permanent analysis of the image allows:

  • count the number of inputs and outputs (bidirectional system),
  • trigger alarms in the event of movements in the wrong direction,
  • obtain an exceptional counting precision> 99%.

Increase the museum’s level of security thanks to mOOnTAG SOS innovation.

(Re) Discover the first lonesome agent device designed for professionals in cultural places: the SOS mOOnTAG.

Very simple operation thanks to two buttons: one to acknowledge managed alerts, the other to request backup.

The mOOnTAG SOS is fully integrated into the EDITAG Arts solution.

The EDITAG Arts range is growing with the first digital tool for the emergency evacuation plan of cultural property.

PSBC preparation, simulation, verification tool. Save time during the crisis by updating your repository in a few clicks.

Training tool.

Crisis management dashboard. A global view to know the repository of works and the means available.

Real-time visibility of operations.

Field mobile application.

The connected display case

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Preventive Conservation

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RFID Inventory of works of art

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Fine jewelry under high protection

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