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Maintain my security system

Security of works in cultural establishments 24 hours a day, plus services.

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The tools and technologies of Electronic protection of works of art are much more efficient when integrated into a full-services program.

Expertise & experience at the service of works of art

The services associated with Electronic Protection to support professionals.

A training program, which can be supported by your dedicated organization, to support you in setting up and using systems and sensors.



Whether through dry contacts or software protocols, it is essential to be able to interface works of art supervision systems with existing systems such as collection management software, security systems (remote monitoring, video surveillance), etc.


Once the installation is complete, the system must be able to adapt to changes and developments in exhibitions, scenography, loans, etc. The maintenance service in operational conditions guarantees you optimal operation of the installation, whatever the context.


EDITAG Arts services

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  • Extended Warranty


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