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RFID Inventory of works of art

The IoT for the identification, traceability and inventory of works of art in real time.

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Dynamic repository of works of art

Whether as part of a collection project or to ensure daily missions, EDITAG Arts offers innovative solutions to identify cultural goods, trace their movements and help teams maintain a repository of works of art up to date.

How it works?

Radio-Frequency Identification technology, RFID, identifies works of art whether they are exhibited or stored in storage.

Placed on the object, the mOOnTAG, the first IoT sensor integrating RFID technologies, becomes the connected identity card of it. It contains all the information of the work of art and sends the movement history to the EDITAG Arts application.

EDITAG Arts then interfaces with collections management software, CMS, to centralize data and facilitate the daily work of the teams.

Feedback - Collections Workshop

Ensuring the transfer of collections

Easy to learn and use.

List the interventions

Status reports for the most urgent restoration operations.

Centralized and backed-up information server.

Have a complete inventory

Accurate and up-to-date inventory for the traceability of each object in the collection.

Fast and efficient.

39,350 items collected

3 months

Budget respected

Electronic Protection for works of art

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Preventive Conservation

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The connected display case

Fine jewelry under high protection