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Secure fine jewelry

In stores or at prestigious exhibitions, inventory and secure your most beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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IoT technology to ensure daily inventory, precise location, inventory of fixed or mobile furniture, inventory of chests, securing display cases.

Fine jewelry under high protection

Connect furniture such as “marmots” for accurate and dynamic inventories.

Be sure that your secure storage does not exceed the maximum value for which it is insured.

Automatic inventory allows you to quickly count the contents of a safe.

IoT sensors, “marmots” and connected showcases, at the service of the protection of fine jewelry sales and exhibition areas.

Permanent inventory, production optimization, supervision of transport conditions…

IoT provides you with the protection and control of places of production and transport of fine jewelry.


Inventory and collect the works of art

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Protect works of art

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Monitor conservation conditions

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Maintain my security system

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