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The connected display case

Secure works of art, access display cas data, pilot the displaycase 24 hours a day, without needing to open it.

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Connected display case definition

IoT devices, such as mOOnTAG, are installed in the showcase to make it communicative and connected. Security, preventive conservation, lighting, ventilation can be controlled remotely.

How it works?

In case of an anomaly detected (shocks, vibrations, temperature and humidity thresholds reached), the connected display case can send an alert in real time.

It can also send this information at regular intervals for regular monitoring.

Staff supervise the showcase without having to open it.

Contactless identification










How to supervise the connected showcase sensors?

Our sensors include RFID technology. This technology allows information from sensors to be read through most materials. No need to open a window to find out about the climatic conditions.


Tags record climatic conditions. The reader queries the mOOnTAG information and sends the information to the mobile application.

Alerts can also be sent in real time to the EDITAG Arts supervisor.

Electronic Protection for works of art

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Preventive Conservation

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RFID Inventory of works of art

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Fine jewelry under high protection

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