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How to build your digitalization project?

Published on 16/11/2021

The essential elements for your project.

Regardless of the scope of a company’s digitalization project, it is important to avoid certain mistakes. Several prerequisites must be taken into account before starting.

Requalify digitization as a tool at the service of a global strategy.

We must keep in mind that digitization remains a means, a tool to achieve more general objectives in the company’s development strategy.

Whether it is to face new fiscal or legislative constraints, to meet the needs of competitiveness and flexibility, to provide new value-added services to its customers, the motivations that push to start a digitalization project are numerous and can be very varied. These motivations all revolve around a project, a global vision and we must not forget that.

Taking this step back allows you to approach this transformation more calmly.

There is no point of no return or radical change, digitization is a tool to be understood as such.

Moreover, in some companies, we speak more of an “approach” than of a “project”, which implies that there is a beginning and an end, which is not the case in digital.

This approach also makes it possible to review certain time-consuming or obsolete processes in the organization of daily life. This allows for an overall improvement.

Organize yourself step by step.

Listening to trends is inspiring, wanting to test all the latest innovations at once is far too ambitious.

By wanting to go too fast and on too many subjects at once, some projects do not succeed and can put off companies from relaunching themselves in the adventure.

In industry in particular, POC – Proof of Concept – projects make it possible to go step by step.

A precise axis with a well-defined perimeter makes it possible to test in a given time before considering a larger deployment. The POC is the ideal compromise for those who would like to moderate expenses while quickly proving the Return on Investment – ROI, of their approach.

As part of a POC, or by clearly delineating the milestones, a digitalization process must be carried out step by step.

Put people back at the heart of the project

The last point, and not the least, to take into account is the human.

Whether at the decision-making or operational level, it is absolutely essential to involve the stakeholders and unite the entire team around a common vision.

This is true in any project management, it is even more so in a digitalization process that can face greater fears and brakes.

The fear of seeing technology replace the work of human beings or prejudices about the use of innovative tools can slow down or even stop a digitalization process.

At EDITAG, we pay particular attention to field teams and the adoption of innovation when we support our clients.

Taking into account the reality of the field and the operators who work there, showing them how the implementation of these digital tools will improve and simplify their missions, guarantees a successful digitalization process.

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