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Protection of places of worship

Published on 27/05/2021

The Electronic protection of works pf art – is often associated with the museum world. Indeed, the museum remains by definition the place housing works of art.It should be remembered that there are other places that can accommodate objects of great value, such as places of worship.

Places of worship under high protection thanks to IoT

These places can indeed house many valuables, displayed in a showcase or not, which represent a real challenge in terms of security. It is essential to strengthen the protection of objects in places of worship using innovative tools and technologies such as IoT. Most of the time it will also be necessary to consider setting up a remote monitoring system which sends alerts 24 hours a day in the event of a problem because the person is not always there.

Let’s take stock of the tools available. Our IoT EDITAG Arts range is made up of different types of sensors to provide anti-theft and anti-vandalism protection as well as preventive conservation of the objects on display.

Approach Detection Sensor

Protect valuables against theft & vandalism with proximity detection.

Our IoT sensors are designed to create a distance between visitors and the works of art to be protected. These sensors can simply ring locally when the protection perimeter is crossed, they can also send an alert in parallel to a supervision system.

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Electronic Protection for works of art

They detect shocks, movements, vibrations, variations in temperature and humidity. Active 24 hours a day, in the event of an anomaly, they send an alert.

Works of art and valuables are protected from attempted theft, vandalism and unsafe storage conditions.

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